When Krushna Abhishek Banged His ‘Runner Up’ Trophy Hurting A Contestant’s Foot After Kapil Sharma Won Comedy Circus: “I’ve Lost Faith…”


Did You Know? Krushna Abhishek Was Once Angry At Comedy Circus Producers After Kapil Sharma Won The Show
When Krushna Abhishek Vowed Never To Work Again With Vipul Shah Or Comedy Circus(Photo Credit – Instagram)

Krushna Abhishek is a well-known actor and comedian on Indian television. His role as Sapna in The Kapil Sharma Show received widespread acclamation among the viewers. While he is regarded as one of the finest talents in the comedy genre, he was once outraged when Kapil won Comedy Circus.

Back in 2011, Kapil’s victory of the Comedy Circus became a matter of contention. Krushna was outraged with the result of the show’s finale. He wasn’t pleased and even stated that he felt the show was rigged.

Talking about it during a conversation with Times of India, Krushna Abhishek said, “The one who deserved to win should have won and this time I deserved the victory. During one of the previous seasons, they declared a tie between Kapil and me just to please him so that he sticks to the show. I hadn’t said anything back then and that’s why they have been taking me for granted. The production house has again favoured Kapil and declared him the winner. They have been unjust, hence the outburst.”

The comedian also clarified that he was upset with the producers of the show and not with Kapil Sharma. He said, “Why are they only worried about Kapil? They could have declared it a tie again. Why are they taking me for granted? I have no complaints with Kapil. He is very talented and I am a huge fan of his. My differences are with the production house and I have decided that I won’t work with producer Vipul Shah or Comedy Circus again. The show has made me what I am today but Sudesh Lahiri and I have contributed equally in making it a brand. I am very hurt and feel cheated.”

Krushna Abhishek was so angered by the show’s result that he banged his trophy against the floor and it had accidentally hurt another participant Vishakha’s foot. Confirming the incident, he said, “Yes, I did bang the trophy on the floor. I have lost faith in the production house and I was very upset.”

When Kapil Sharma was asked about Krushna’s allegation against the producers of the Comedy Cirus, he said, “No doubt Krushna and Sudesh are extremely talented and I too am a big fan of their work. Such allegation used to affect me earlier but not any more. I choose to ignore everything else and focus on my work.”

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