Watch Kesha cringe over Caitlyn Jenner ‘Tik Tok’ rendition


It’s true: Everyone’s a critic.

Such was the case when Caitlyn Jenner — former Olympic champion, reality-television star and now California governor hopeful — revealed her identity as the Phoenix on “The Masked Singer” last month.

Jenner performed pop star Kesha’s catchy 2009 breakout hit, “Tik Tok,” upon her departure from the Fox series. Even though the judges danced the best they could to Jenner’s decidedly offbeat and out-of-tune performance, her rendition earned less-than-glowing reviews from others.

Kesha shared her reaction Tuesday on the app TikTok. (The platform’s namesake, for the record, is not based on the song in question.) In the video, she watches Jenner with a puzzled expression before burying her face in her feathered sequin jacket just as the unmasked singer finishes the chorus in a key way different than anything Kesha ever sang in the original.

“Live for a cover and live for this outfit…. but i mean i have to go….” Kesha captioned the video, referring to the elaborate costumes that disguised celebrity competitors wear in “The Masked Singer.”

The hypnotically bizarre reality singing competition reveals its stars’ identities only after they’re eliminated from the show. The original caption of the TikTok video Kesha shared threw in a snarky critique of Jenner’s performance: “Debbie from accounts let’s loose at the office party.”

Jenner’s daughters, Kendall and Kylie, had a similarly incredulous reaction to Jenner’s participation on the show, according to an Entertainment Weekly interview with her in March. Their disbelief probably speaks for us all: “Why are you doing that?!”

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