Tinder Live with Lane Moore Returns to Swipe Right Across America This Summer [Exclusive]


It’s time. After a prolonged hiatus due to circumstances beyond her control, Lane Moore is finally heading back out on the road this August with her hugely popular comedy show Tinder Live. And it promises to be the best party of the summer. Then as the season winds down, the stand-up comedian, author, director, actor, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist will continue to swipe right across America with her dating app-centric tour well into the fall.

Lane will hit the ground running with her first show on August 9 in Boulder, Colorado. And on October 16, she will bring it all to a close with her final stop in Providence, Rhode Island. With thirty stops planned over the next three months, do hope that she is coming to a town near you, because this is the one live comedy show of 2021 you definitely don’t want to miss. And we’re not getting many this year.

Throughout the pandemic, Lane Moore has been a shining beacon of light for many lost in a sea of darkness and confusion, offering a constant stream of endearing, entertaining, and humorous insight into a world on lockdown. She has served as a virtual friend to those individuals who unexpectedly found themselves completely alone as the world stopped. And she is always just a click away on various social media platforms. But there is nothing quite like seeing Lane on stage in front of an audience, as she dives into the Tinder dating pool to sort through potential prospects. It’s an untamed journey though each city’s flock of lurking weirdos hiding just under the black mirror of your smart phone.

The improvised show finds Lane on stage, interacting with Tinder matches that are projected on a screen. Always engaging with her audience in a gladiatorial-style battle of wits, she is encouraged to swipe left or right by the crowd, as the comedian goes through possible suitors with a voracious energy that consumes everything around her. She brings out the best and worst in people in riotous fashion, as she engages with various hopeful dates on the popular app.

Tinder Live started as a comedy show back in 2013, and has been growing ever-stronger throughout the past handful of years. As 2020 was approaching, anticipation and desire for her next set of live shows was increasing at a rapid rate. Buzz in the clubs was loudest amongst those showgoers who were lucky enough to have seen her past shows, trading stories and telling tales of Lane’s victorious performances as though they were folktales of legend. Those within earshot grew eager to see what all the fuss was about. Lane Moore had earned a must-see reputation.

And then everything stopped.

Nearly two years passed before Lane Moore was able to reenter the club scene to share her comedy with the world in a live arena. During that time, she did do quite a few online Tinder Live shows via Zoom. But that will never quite compare to seeing the real thing in person, and getting to participated in the live atmosphere of it all. Everything changes this coming week. After doing a couple of shows in New York and Baltimore, Lane is ready for a full on tour of the states. But it hasn’t been easy to navigate in our current climate, with a pandemic that continues even as the world gets vaccinated.

“It’s been really hard.” Lane says of setting up her new countrywide tour, “You know, back and forth. My tour was supposed to start right when COVID hit. March 2020 was like, yeah, you’re gonna go on the road. And I was like, nope, not. It’s been back and forth this whole time. I’m hoping I get to do it. I’m hoping people get vaccinated and keep wearing masks and do all the things that I’m doing, and my friends are doing and you know, you like to think people are doing. You just don’t know. But it’s been a weird time. I think that we’ve been through so many waves of this, of just like waiting…Especially for live performers, where it’s just, we just want to do our job and have everybody be safe. It’s been weird going back and forth for sure.”

Lane Moore has kept the fires burning for her live shows with online performances. With almost two years passing, has the writer tweaked or changed anything about her set up since the last time she stepped in front of an audience? “I mean, every single Tinder Live show is totally improvised. So every show is new. Every show is different, which is awesome.” Folks who weren’t around for her earlier performances don’t have to worry too much about missing lightening in a bottle. “It’s not like when I do stand up, and it’s like I’m doing the same set for a while. I don’t have that with Tinder Live. So every single one is new.”

Facing the backend of a year-and-a-half long pandemic has changed the show in a way though, “I will say that there is a heightened energy…Like the show always had a lot of energy, because it’s super interactive. And it kind of has, like, a coliseum level-like energy to it. Where it’s like, I match with someone, everyone’s like, “Yeah!” People get so into it, the further it gets along. People realize they can shout. So people realize they’re such a big part of it. And it has this incredible energy.”

Lane Moore is entering rooms across America stacked with people who are literally starved for live entertainment. And so far, that electricity has been felt right away. “I’ve noticed that the post-pandemic shows, people are even louder and even more excited. And I’ve asked a friend of mine who likes to come out to a lot of Tinder Live shows…I was like, ‘Is this just louder and more energetic because I haven’t been in a room with hundreds of people shouting in a long time? Or is it like a different energy?’ And he was like, ‘I think people are just so excited to be out, and so excited to see live comedy, and so excited to see something that’s interactive, and so excited to be in this room in this way, that there’s an even bigger energy.'”

The online Tinder Live shows have helped shape and change what Lane Moore is doing on stage in more subtle ways. She admits, “I’ve noticed with myself as a performer…I did virtual shows, and things like that…So, I think I’ve just gotten so much more comfortable. And I’ve also spent so much time talking to people about their dating app experiences throughout this, online and social media, and stuff. I’ve noticed new things. I do have different jokes. I’ve noticed I’m just so excited to be out there, and I like being able to give people jokes in real time. I’ve been thinking about…These last two years. I want to talk about that. Then seeing that immediate reaction of people laughing, because they’ve been feeling it too. It’s really awesome.”

Setting up the tour, Lane realized that a lot of clubs had shuttered across America. And the landscape was noticeable scarred by the pandemic. “It definitely happened a lot with this tour. Where a lot of the places I was going to play in 2020 had closed. It’s sad on multiple levels. And there’s just been a lot of grief…We don’t even necessarily have the space to process it, which is hard, but you know…”

Reflecting on the nature of Tinder Live, and what Lane Moore brings to the stage, the comedian is quick to agree that a man couldn’t pull off the same type of show. Probably at all. She explains, “It would be completely different. I I know, in anybody else’s hands, the show could be really mean. I could really punch down. One of the things I’m proudest of, is that Tinder Live is known for being a really kind show. When in anybody else’s hands, it probably would not be. It would probably be like this piece of shit idiot, and that’s not what the show is at all.”

She goes onto make her case for why not many people could pull off the tightrope act she sometimes walks on stage, “One of the reasons that I wouldn’t want to watch a man riffing on women’s profiles…It wouldn’t be funny. And be it would just be punching down. And that would be super hateful and horrible…There is something really powerful and wonderful and also just really funny about, if you swipe through a lot of men, and haven’t seen how ridiculous the men’s profiles are on dating apps…They’re so ridiculous. I’m not taking about a guy who seems incredible, and just ripping him to shreds. That’s not interesting to me. That’s not who I am. And it’s not funny. But it is taking a guy who…I’m like, “This guy identifies as a vampire and he lives his life as a vampire…We have to talk to him!” Just finding the weirdest profiles we can find, or, you know, finding the guy whose profile says, “If you’re a feminist swipe left.” And actively swiping right, and being like, ‘Mansplain feminism to me.’ Just playing around with it, that stuff that’s a totally different energy. So much of the world is men needlessly making fun of women all the time.” Her thoughts ring true.

“I wouldn’t want to watch a guy do this show at all.”

Lane Moore does reveal that she is not entirely playing herself on stage. The Lane Moore we see swiping left or right is a character, but perhaps not in the way we might expect. She explains, “Once you see Tinder Live, it is very clear what the character is. It’s very clear, because I’m not playing a character on stage in a classic way, where it’s like, when someone gets on stage, they become someone else. It’s not like that. It’s more like, the way I talk to people when I’m on the app. I’m playing somebody who’s kind of drunk and not altogether, and something’s wrong with her. You know? She’s not the brightest. But it’s something that I’ve noticed, certain types of guys on dating apps are like, “I love her, she’s a horny idiot.” So it’s very clear…But the rest of it is very much just me. I turn on that character, because it’s part of the fun of interacting with these really weird profiles.”

Lane Moore goes onto discuss quite a lot more in our exclusive video chat with the comedian, who also authored the 2018 self-help book How to Be Alone: If You Want To, and Even If You Don’t, which has proven to be an important tool for a lot of people who’ve had to navigate through the pandemic by themselves. Throughout Lane’s chat with Paulington James Christensen III, we get to learn more insight into Tinder Live and how she landed her fan-favorite role on the HBO Max smash hit series Search Party. Lane also touches on the controversial topic of prop comics, and the fact that she is not, perhaps, the biggest Richard Gere fan, though she has absolutely nothing against the man. She just hasn’t seen a lot of his work. Along with the video, you can also check out the dates and towns where you can see Lane Moore next. It’s going to be one heck of a show. Guaranteed.

Lane Moore Tinder Live Tour Map

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