The Haunted Mansion Movie Ghosts Revealed in New Casting Call


Disney’s upcoming The Haunted Mansion movie has been stuck in development for a while. However, a few weeks ago, news broke that Lakeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish are set to star in this upcoming film based on the popular Disney parks attraction. Justin Simien has also been hired as the director with a script from Katie Dippold. While nothing has really been confirmed about what the story may be, a new casting call has revealed some of the iconic ghosts who could be making an appearance in the film.

This casting call information comes from That Hashtag Show who has provided a list describing the characters and their backgrounds. First up are “practical ghosts” who are said to appear throughout the film, but in a non-scripted capacity. William Gracey and his wife are a “a wealthy Creole couple in their early 30s” and “free people of color from 19th century New Orleans.” Gracey in the lore of The Haunted Mansion is the “master of the house.” Disney fans will know him as the aging portrait that welcomes you into the mansion.

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Also making an appearance is The Mariner, “an older, weathered 19th century sailor.” The Butler is a new character who served as the butler to “a wealthy family.” Other characters from the ride include the Dueling ghost and The Bride. The Bride is a very popular character who is notorious for beheading her many husbands.

Up next is the “Talking Heads.” These are ghost characters who will be portrayed as “talking portraits,” and these will be brought to life in “a motion capture performance to be translated digitally.” These characters will come directly from the ride. Disney fans will recognize them from the “stretching room” as paintings that portrayed them in their “corruptible, mortal state.”

These parts include the Woman with a Rose, who sits on top of the tombstone of her husband (who has an ax in his visage); The Ballerina, who balances on a tight rope above an alligator; Man in Dynamite Suit, who is revealed to be sitting on a barrel of TNT; and the Quicksand Man, who has two people sitting on his shoulders while sinking into quicksand.

There have been no acting announcements yet to who will fill these roles, but Disney fans should be happy to see so many recognizable “happy haunts” coming to this movie. Some notable characters from the ride who were not mentioned in this casting call are the Hitchhiking Ghosts, Madame Leota, the ballroom dancers, the Hatbox Ghost, and the “ghost host” who narrates the attraction.

For those who may have forgot, there was a The Haunted Mansion film back in 2003 starring Eddie Murphy. While it did receive mostly negative reviews from both audiences and critics, there were a ton of references to the ride throughout the movie. Disney has found more success with some of their other ride adaptations such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise, so maybe Disney can find a way to finally honor the grim grinning ghosts in a new, great movie. This news originated at

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