The Flash Director Teases Michael Keaton’s Batman Return with Batsuit Mashup


Director Andy Muschietti is teasing Michael Keaton‘s return as Batman once again with a mashup of both superheroes’ suits. At this point, it’s been very well established that Keaton will reprise his role from Tim Burton’s Batman movies once again for The Flash. On Instagram, Muschietti has posted another new photo to further tease Keaton’s comeback, this time with an image of the classic Batsuit painted red with the familiar bolt reminiscent of The Flash’s outfit. You can take a look at it below.

Muschietti serves as the director of The Flash using a screenplay by Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey). Set in the DCEU, the movie brings back Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, though most of the excitement from fans is seemingly on Keaton’s big return. This will be made possible through a storyline that sees Barry traveling back in time to hopefully prevent his mother’s murder, bringing about unintended consequences to his timeline. In other words, he fractures his multiverse.

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Obviously, the director knows how stoked people are to see this fan favorite version of Batman return. He has previously teased Michael Keaton’s arrival with similar sneak peek photos on Instagram. One image revealed a cast chair for Bruce Wayne, presumably the spot where Keaton would sit on the set. Another photo provided a look at Keaton’s Batsuit, which appeared to be speckled with blood. Now that a new photo shows the Batsuit painted like The Flash, it’s hard to say what exactly is going to happen to Keaton’s caped crusader in the movie.

While Keaton’s Batman is coming into The Flash, he won’t be the only Dark Knight in the movie. It’s also been confirmed that Ben Affleck will don his own Batsuit one last time for an appearance to bid his version of the character farewell. It’s not clear how big of a role he will play in the movie, though Ben Affleck will reportedly start shooting soon. For his part, it took some explaining for Michael Keaton to understand how all of this multiverse stuff works.

“I had to read it more than three times to go, ‘Wait, how does this work?'” Keaton recalled, via THR. “They had to explain that to me several times. I’m not being arrogant, I hope, about this. I don’t say it like, ‘I’m too groovy.’ I’m stupid. There’s a lot of things I don’t know about. And so, I don’t know, I just kind of figured it out, but this was different.”

Also appearing in the movie will be Sasha Calle in her DCEU debut as Supergirl. Other returning stars include Kiersey Clemons as Iris West with Maribel Verdu as Nora Allen; Ron Livingston replaces Billy Crudup as Barry’s father Henry. Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Rudy Mancuso, and Luke Brandon Field will also appear in undisclosed roles. Chances are the split timeline will also bring about other big surprises.

The Flash is scheduled to be released in theaters on Nov. 4, 2022. Until then, we can expect more sneak peeks at the movie will be released by Andy Muschietti on Instagram. I say keep them coming.

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