The Empire Tightens Its Fascist Grip in a Spectacular Return


Clone Force 99 (Dee Bradley Baker) protects Omega (Michelle Ang) as the Empire crushes dissent across the galaxy.

The Empire tightens its grip around the galaxy’s throat as the seeds of rebellion take root. Star Wars: The Bad Batch returns with a superbly written, action-packed, and powerfully dramatic second season. Showrunner Dave Filoni and supervising director Brad Rau fill in the critical gaps that fandom have questioned for decades. What happened to the clone troopers? How were the separatist and outlying regions brought under control? What did the Empire gain by destroying Kamino? And how could the Senate be so complicit in Emperor Palpatine’s evil plans? The heroes of Clone Force 99 find themselves at the center of political machinations and violent upheaval. Their efforts to find a new path forward are clouded by dangerous uncertainty and a sad realization that dear allies may not be trustworthy.


Season two opens in two parts with “Spoils of War” and “Ruins of War.” The Bad Batch (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) gets an opportunity too good to pass up. Cid (Rhea Perlman) has learned the Empire is confiscating Count Dooku’s vault on Serrano. Omega (Michelle Ang), now a crackshot with the Zygerrian energy bow, dreams of a fortune that could free them from mercenary life. The always careful Hunter thinks it may be a suicide mission. Tech, Echo, and Wrecker believe it’s worth the risk. The job to end them all.

Dissent Means Destruction


The Bad Batch learns a harsh lesson from their venture. They also see another civilization annihilated by the Empire’s cold fury. Dissent means destruction. The season spends a good deal of time deviating from Clone Force 99. We see important events in different parts of the galaxy that will shape the war to come. Coruscant, the Imperial Capital, is the primary stage on multiple fronts.

Episode three, “The Solitary Clone“, brings Crosshair back into focus. He made his fateful choice as a “soldier of the Empire.” The cunning and ruthless Vice Admiral Rampart (Noshir Dalal) has a job for the galaxy’s best sniper. There are no depths to the Empire’s treachery. Crosshair has a significant arc throughout the season. He, along with the millions of aging clones, come to a stark conclusion. The price paid in blood did not buy longevity or appreciation. Their programmed betrayal of the Jedi and murderous acts carried out under orders have made them liabilities. But they are also unfortunately perfectly suited for another horrifying purpose.

The Empire’s Dastardly Plans


Season two enthralls by taking a helicopter view of critical conflicts. Senators opposed to Emperor Palpatine’s control rise to the forefront. The series introduces new political adversaries who try to thwart dastardly plans. A riveting multi-part storyline tackles clone rights. Rampart continues to be a primary villain, but he’s just another puppet on a string. Other baddies take center stage as cruel cogs in the Empire’s engine of terror.

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The Bad Batch grapples with internal change. Hunter is the unquestioned leader. His orders are always followed without fail. However, the team experiences diverging thoughts on their collective future. Paramount to all is Omega’s safety and well-being. She is the driving force behind every decision. They’ve taught her to be the best soldier possible. But now understand that is not enough. Omega deserves a wealth of experiences that don’t involve dodging blaster fire. This change of strategy leads to major developments. It also allows their enemies’ insight to their biggest weakness. Omega has tremendous value. Her clone family will stop at nothing to protect her.

Awesome Is an Understatement

Season two consists of sixteen episodes. Journalists were provided fourteen for review. There are no lulls with complex plotting that bind overall themes. They mirror the dark rise of fascism throughout human history. The animation continues to be crisp and detailed. Awesome is an understatement.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is a production of Lucasfilm Animation. Season two premieres on January 4th with new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+.

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