The Best Big Mouth Characters, Ranked


Big Mouth is a Netflix original animated series created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, and Jennifer Flackett. To those who like taboo, raunchy, and sexually explicit comedy, this show is one of the best comedy series on Netflix. It features a wild cast of characters who all struggle to navigate the hardships of puberty. Big Mouth does an extraordinary job of making this excellent ensemble of characters both incredibly funny and lovable.

The characters are both relatable and outlandish, a combination that leads to some unique individuals. The series follows a group of teenagers, Andrew Glouberman (voiced by John Mulaney), Nick Birch voiced by (Nick Kroll), and Jessi Glazer (voiced by Jessi Klein). As the characters transition into adulthood, each person is assigned a hormone monster. These monsters serve as a metaphor for the pubescent turmoil brought on by coming-of-age. Of the many things this show is able to do effectively, the development of their unique characters are among the best. This is the definitive list of the best characters in Big Mouth, ranked.

9 DeVon

DeVon, is a recurring character and classmate of the main characters. His name is pronounced Dee-Vawn, but his girlfriend, Devin, has forced him to change the pronunciation so that their names can match. He is one of the coolest kids at school, he’s chill, dates a popular girl, and is “old as hell.” His calm demeanor and interesting character arc make him one of the show’s most affable characters.

8 Nick & Andrew

Their ranking, like Nick and Andrew‘s relationship in the show, is inseparable. These are the two main characters in Big Mouth and are quite the interesting duo. Andrew is an awkward, lanky teenager with an insatiable proclivity for masturbation. Nick like to think of himself as Andrew’s much-cooler counterpart, but is ultimately just as awkward and in fact envious of Andrew’s development into puberty.

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The two’s friendship have their ups and downs over the course of the series and their platonic love, but they are the core characters of the show and are representative of the epitome of the journey through puberty. Both Nick Kroll and John Mulaney do a superb voice acting job of bringing these characters to life and both are equally hilarious in their roles.

7 Maury

Maury is a hormone monster who we are first introduced to as the companion for Andrew. He is a one-horned, hairy, perverted beast that urges Andrew to give in to his sexual desires. Maury may come across, at first, as an experienced monster with wisdom, but he is an emotionally volatile monster that often lets his desire for sex take precedent over level-headed thinking. He has had a past relationship with another great character and hormone monster, Connie. The two often fight and bicker, but Connie, to him, will always be the one that got away.

6 Elliot Birch

Elliot Birch is the father of Nick Birch. He is married to Diane Birch and his other children are Judd Birch and Leah Birch. Elliot is a gentle and innocent father who is constantly overstepping boundaries with his son, Nick. Compared to Andrew’s parents, Nick’s father is much more easygoing, but the easygoingness has its tradeoffs. He wants to make sure Nick is doing well and has no reservations about discussing how much he loves his son, safe sex, or the blurred lines of sexuality. At one point he admits to his son that he isn’t incredibly well-endowed but that there are other ways to please a woman. Elliot is the perfect archetype of a father without boundaries and whose openness, although well-intentioned, ends up hilariously embarrassing his son.

5 Jay

Jay is one of Andrew and Nick’s close friends. He is a bit of an outcast among his peers because of his lewd comments and his gracelessness. Jay is voiced by the hilarious Jason Mantzoukas, who does an incredible job of embodying the unhinged troubled youth. While many of the main characters in this show seem to be shy, timid, and awkward, Jay secures his spot as one of the best characters because of his unabashedly candid insensitivity.

4 Coach Steve

Coach Steve is a character both affable and senseless. Coach Steve is an adult physical education teacher and the character is involved in some pretty hilarious situations based around his absentmindedness and irresponsibility. He is also the only adult with a Hormone monster. He may not have the quickest wit compared to the other characters, but his candidness and friendliness towards the kids makes him lovable.

3 Bilzerian Brothers

Seeing Jay’s family gives a bit of insight into how and why he acts the way that he does. His mother is a housebound abusive alcoholic and his father is a womanizing divorce lawyer. Jay’s parents are not ideal role models, but they tend to keep their distance. Jay’s brothers on the other hand, Val and Kurt, are constantly trying to make Jay’s life a living nightmare. The two constantly abuse Jay both verbally and physically.

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Although thoroughly evil characters, the two boys have quite a few funny interactions with Jay. In and of themselves, the characters wouldn’t rank as some of the best, but seeing these two as well as Jay’s parents give an interesting perspective into a dysfunctional home and help the viewer understand why Jay acts the way that he does.

2 Jessi Glaser

Jessi is another one of the main characters in the series. She is friends with Nick, Andrew, and willingly enough, Jay. She thinks of herself as a strong and independent feminist. Jessi usually comes across as the most level-headed and intelligent of the four; there is a stark contrast between the ways the boys react to certain situations and the way Jessi will act. Her parents are separated, and navigating this experience plays a big role in her character development throughout the seasons. Jessi ranks as one of the best characters because of her wit, authenticity, and friendly nature.

1 Rick

At the very top of our list is Rick, the old, decrepit, but surprisingly lively hormone monster of Coach Steve. His appearance is akin to that of Maure, as he has the same fur pattern and a horn. However, Rick’s skin is gray and wrinkled, he is missing one eye and one leg, and uses a cane to walk. Despite his physical condition he always carries himself as a positive and encouraging friend. His recurring catchphrase is “What are you going to do, baby?” and “You’re the man!” His overwhelmingly positive demeanor makes him the best character of the show. We could all use a bit of Rick in our lives.

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