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We’re excited to announce our partnership with Scroll, an online membership program which removes ads from AllMusic (as well as from sites like The Verge, Vox, Gizmodo, Slate, The Onion, The Atlantic and many others). With Scroll, users pay $5/month and receive an ad-free reading experience on hundreds of sites, which allows pages on AllMusic load faster and with fewer trackers. Then Scroll distributes that money back to the sites you visit the most.

Scroll has been covered on The Verge in their article “The Scroll Subscription Service is an Ingenious Web Technology Hack,” while TechCrunch acknowledged the service’s inception with “Scroll Launches its Subscription Offering Ad-Free Access Across 300 Partner Sites,” and on Vox, who charmingly titled their article “Here’s How to Stop Seeing Ads on the Internet Without Screwing Over Publishers.”

Other Sites Powered by Scroll

Scroll works everywhere you discover articles: on your phone, laptop, and in apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. If you switch devices mid-article, it keeps your spot, and you can convert text to audio when you need to go hands-free.

The thing we particularly like about Scroll is the fact that the money spent on the membership actually ends up supporting the individual sites you visit, so you can actively support the sites and services you use without putting up with ads (or feeling lousy about implementing an ad blocker).

Where the Money Goes

The more members who join, the less sites like ours have to rely on ads. And the less we rely on ads, the more we can focus on building cool functions to help you explore music.

Help us by supporting AllMusic and allowing us all to build a better internet by signing up at Scroll.

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