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Christian Borle & J. Harrison Ghee in Broadway’s “Some Like It Hot”
(Photo: Marc J. Franklin)

The Hollywood classic Some Like It Hot has received the Broadway musical treatment and officially opens at the Shubert Theatre on December 11. Ahead of its opening, stars Christian Borle and J. Harrison Ghee sat down with Editor-in-Chief Paul Wontorek at Sardi’s to discuss putting a 2022 spin on the 1959 film.

With a big brass band sound and a super talented company, the Broadway musical telling is sure to entertain audiences. The score comes from Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, and Borle, who has previously collaborated with them on Smash and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, calls it “their best score in years. It’s one of my favorites.”

In addition to entertaining, the company of Some Like It Hot hopes to update the classic story for a world where discussions of gender identity are prevalent. “We have so much fun every day, collaborating and creating. It’s a good time,” Ghee said. “We’ve all been conscious of how we are collaborating and bringing it forward and making it fresh and new and presenting it through the 2022 lens and making sure that the humor is not based in men in dresses.” Matthew López and Amber Ruffin are the masterminds behind the musical’s new book.

Ghee, who identifies as non-binary, spoke to Wontorek in regards to awards categories being reexamined for inclusivity. “I am finding myself daily and giving myself the space to just exist and try to actively share that energy with everyone. We’re all human beings. I don’t expect change overnight, but with more representation, more confidence, freedom and authenticity existing in the world, hopefully it’s honored in its fullness,” Ghee explained. “The journey I get to have as Jerry—I get to share with people of living beyond your own limits and labels and boundaries and finding freedom and allowing circumstances to really expand you and stretch you beyond your wildest imagination.”

Watch the full interview below and head here to check your local listings for The Broadway Show. Hosted by Fadal, it is the only nationally syndicated weekly theater news program.

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