Building an organic cult following of his own, Syrian/Australian rapper OraciónSaint fights back the pressures of daily life with visuals for his fresh single ‘Ryu’.

With creative artillery in abundance, ’Ryu’ was mixed and mastered by OraciónSaint himself. The single is a follow-up to his latest versatile mixtape ‘Monarch’ which dropped in October. The artist raps about facing adversaries, dealing with ones demons and not being good enough.

Speaking on the single, OraciónSaint said, “I am retaliating to those who apply pressure on you.  So you deal a “right hook Ryu”. All while attracting attention from women that’s unwanted,”

Bringing the heat and setting the tone of our impending summer, the music video which was edited and directed by OraciónSaint gives you a nonchalant vibe towards human connection, lone wolf-vibes, pure aesthetics and a rough edge. 

With an enviable career Ryder Muhammed Esper Tayem is a Syrian North African born Australian rapper, singer, and songwriter. FwCartier was his previous moniker and he now goes under the name “OraciónSaint.” OraciónSaint gained a small cult following from his young audience across the globe through pop culture, depression and alienation themed music. ‘Ryu’ opens the door on a whole new chapter for the Australian artist making 2021 his year.

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