Photo: Don Macias

Today Nominee drops a gnarly music video for “Wrah Wrah,” their first single off their long-awaited debut LP, Lowlife, which is set for release on September 24, 2021 via Smartpunk Records. The track is a reflection of the time Nominee spent writing songs, playing shows, and touring as much as they could. Through their collective passion for music and the D.I.Y lifestyle, they were able to create countless memories together; the good and the bad. Throughout “Wrah Wrah,” they express how being in the confined walls of a studio isn’t always as luxurious as it may seem. This particular song was cultivated on the 12th hour of them being in the studio. Through exhaustion they were still able to find inspiration and “Wrah Wrah” ended up being one of their favorite songs off Lowlife

“Wrah Wrah was a really fun video to make,  we were able to make it with Richie Schalen who has been a long time friend and collaborator with the band and it was good to finally work with him in his full capacity.  We wanted to display the DIY culture in an authentic way by using local skaters in our home town setting.” – Chris Mclelland

Austin five-piece Nominee has road-ready hooks and spitfire production values in their DNA. It developed over five years spent criss-crossing the United States in search of new fans from SXSW and back. A collection of releases has already established them as a post-hardcore powerhouse, effortlessly blending true grit with infectious energy. Their debut LP Lowlife—coming fall 2021 via Smartpunk Records (RIVALS, Northbound, Taking Meds)—doubles down on their winning formula for an early podium finish. According to frontman Chris Mclelland, “every song sounds like Nominee, but we’ve added some new elements that we’re really excited about as well.” Nominee’s already pushed against impossible odds, tackling bipolar disorder on 2017’s Drag Me Out and addiction cycles on their 2014 debut. Their latest effort is a second wind in the boxing match against self and others with a reinvigorating coat of paint. Nominee’s songs have grown larger and wilder.

Head over to YouTube today and check out the official music video for “Wrah Wrah.” Lowlife will be released 9/24/2021 via Smartpunk Records and can be pre-ordered here. To stay up to date with Nominee, follow them on Instagram

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