More Surprise Big Bang Theory Reunions On The Cards, Deets Inside


Mayim Bialik Reprises As Dr Amy Farrah Fowler In Young Sheldon Season 4, A Huge Surprise For The Big Bang Theory Fans Too!
Young Sheldon Season 4: Mayim Bialik’s return and more Big Bang Theory reunion

The much-awaited season 4 premiere of Young Sheldon has been released now and it has a special return of Mayim Bialik, as Dr Amy Farrah Fowler, in a voiceover. The premiere episode pulled off a surprise reunion of Sheldon Cooper and Amy. The show’s creator Steve Molaro talks about the inside story of the unexpected reunion.

In Thursday’s Season 4 premiere, the Cooper family gathered in the backyard to commemorate Sheldon’s graduation from high school. The event also marked the graduation of his twin sister Missy’s sixth grade. Sheldon the Narrator, voiced by Jim Parsons, said, “it was the best graduation party I had been to… until we had one for my son, Leonard Cooper.”

He further said, “I wanted his name to be Leonard Nimoy Cooper, but Amy wouldn’t let me.” And that’s when Mayim Bialik chimed in as Sheldon’s wife and said, “Be lucky I let you name him Leonard.” The two then shared a quick round of “I love you’s” before the episode came to an end.

Young Sheldon co-creator and executive producer Steve Molaro has now revealed about this brief, yet the big moment to TVLine. He said that the idea of adding Sheldon talking about his son, Leonard Cooper, was always there in the script. He also said that his son is named after Hofstadter, and the middle name Nimoy seemed like an added bonus.

“He is named after Hofstadter. The middle name of Nimoy seemed like an added bonus, but to me, he is named after Leonard Hofstadter, for sure, without a doubt,” Molaro said.

Interestingly, Steve Molaro also revealed that Sheldon and Amy’s current life events will also be revealed where ever possible in the show. He said, “There’s no plan mapped out, but I have my own thoughts about characters and where they are now, and where Sheldon’s at now with Amy. If it’s appropriate to slip something in here and there, I like doing it very much.”

The creator also talked about to shoot some of those campus scenes right now, presumably with a bunch of extras. He said, “We had to start writing before we knew when we were [going back into production], so it seemed easier to not rush to college and to hang with the Coopers over that summer [before school starts]. Somewhere around Episode 6 is when his college life will begin.”

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