Lizzo confirms she is dating a ‘mystery man’


The rumors are true: Lizzo is dating the “mystery man” with whom she was recently spotted in Los Angeles.

And before you ask — no, it isn’t Chris Evans or Harry Styles.

On the latest episode of his radio show, Andy Cohen asked Lizzo point-blank about paparazzi photos of the musician holding hands with a masked man on Valentine’s Day. The images showed the rumored couple leaving Craig’s, a trendy restaurant in West Hollywood.

“You were photographed in L.A. in February at Craig’s with a mystery man,” Cohen said on the air Monday. “Are you guys still together?”

After letting out a hearty cackle, the singer and rapper replied, “Yeah, whatever. Yeah.”

On a roll, Cohen then asked Lizzo if it’s difficult for an ultra-famous, Grammy-winning recording artist to date a regular person.

“Unless you date Harry Styles — and if you did, I would love to hear more about that — … there’s going to be a disparity,” Cohen remarked. “You’re Lizzo, huge superstar, and this person is whoever that person is. Is that hard … in a relationship?”

“If you have the right person, no,” Lizzo said. “Not at all. It’s not even a factor. Because it should be mutually supportive no matter what that person does.”

When Cohen pressed further — asking if “that person” attended “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend to support Lizzo as host and musical guest — the “Rumors” hitmaker said, “Damn, you’re really good at this s—. You get the scoop, don’t you?”

“Um, yeah,” she added with a laugh.

While pulling double duty on “SNL” this past week, Lizzo coincidentally addressed online chatter about her love life. In the past, the vocalist’s highly publicized interactions with other celebrities — such as singer Styles and actor Evans — have ignited rampant speculation on social media.

In light of Monday’s “Radio Andy” interview, a moment of silence for all the diehard Chrizzo and Hizzo shippers out there.

“I’ve heard a lot of gossip online that I’m dating every little white boy in Hollywood. They think I’m collecting members of One Direction like Infinity Stones,” Lizzo joked during her “SNL” monologue.

“I even heard a rumor that I’m pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby. I have no idea where that one started. It could be the TikTok I did where I said, ‘I’m pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby.’ It’s called manifesting!”

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