Hailing originally from Switzerland, newcomer Leonie Prater has taken inspiration from a much loved Swiss location for her new single ‘Market Alley’. The UK based singer/songwriter also marks the release of her debut album today, entitled ‘Metamorphosis’.

‘Market Alley’ takes inspiration form the picturesque city of Winterthur in Switzerland, where there is a bustling alley named (you guessed it) Market Alley. Situated in the old town, it usually brims with life… But in the early mornings when no one is around it has a peaceful and still atmosphere, which became the spark of inspiration to which Leonie penned the song, as she explains:

“The song is about a lonely musician busking in the alley. More and more people are walking through the alley but the busker still feels lonely and alone. Even in all the loneliness the person feels an inner peace and an inner light that gives him/her strength to keep on going.”

The self-produced track boasts a beautifully haunting vocal delivery as Leonie explores feelings of isolation. It speaks to those tranquil moments of self-awareness and peace that we sometimes cling on to. The track builds from a stripped back acoustic guitar intro, as other elements are brought in such as a simple drum machine pattern, additional guitars, electronic bass and reverb drenched backing vocals all add to the epic soundscape.

‘Metamorphosis’ the album is available on Vinyl as well as digital, it is her first big project and includes songs both based on personal stories or everyday situations. It is a very personal piece of art which tells stories about change, finding a home and suicide and depression.

Listen to ‘Market Alley’ below and follow @leonieprater_music for more info.

Leonie Prater · Market Alley


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