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Isabella Esler and Justin Collette in “Beetlejuice”
(Photo: Matthew Murphy)

Say his name three times and he’ll be in a city near you. Beetlejuice tour stars Justin Collette and Isabella Esler are ready to welcome audiences into the Netherworld. Editor-in-Chief Paul Wontorek met up with duo at the musical’s fan art wall outside the Marquis Theatre (home to the Broadway production, which played its final performance on January 8) to talk about the show’s powerful relationship with social media, taking the musical on the road and more on The Broadway Show with Tamsen Fadal.

Collette, who has appeared on Broadway in The School of Rock, is moved by the love audiences have for the Tony-nominated musical. “I love the movie, I love the show, I love everything about it. We’re all so glad we’re touring this show at this time,” he said. “It’s joyous and is about dark stuff, but in a really fun and light way, which I feel like we need. I think it appeals to so many different artistic sensibilities.”

Esler is a newcomer to the theater scene with Beetlejuice marking her professional debut. she first discovered the musical on social media during the theater shutdown as songs and clips from the production went viral. “I literally saw the show on TikTok, that’s how I first found out about it,” she said. “I saw a casting call on TikTok, which is so funny. I sent in some tapes and over time I ended up doing callbacks for the tour. It was a year-long process and now I’m here. Everyone’s so talented, it’s insane. For a show that I’ve been listening to for so long, it’s crazy that now I get to be on stage with this great cast.” 

Collette relates to tour audiences. “Growing up for me, coming to New York to see Broadway was just not accessible,” he said. “Going to these cities all around the country so people have the chance to see it in person—who maybe can’t come to New York and go to a Broadway show—is amazing. I feel really, really happy and grateful and fortunate to be able to do that.”

Watch the interview below and head here to check your local listings for The Broadway Show. Hosted by Emmy winner Tamsen Fadal, it is the only nationally syndicated weekly theater news program.

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