Instagram Reel Trends – From Kusha Kapila & Dolly Singh’s ‘This Or That’ To Niharika NM’s ‘Buss It’, Challenges Which Will Tempt You To Make One!


From Kusha Kapila & Dolly Singh's 'This Or That' To Niharika NM's 'Buss It', Instagram Reel Trends That Will Motivate You To Make One
Instagram Reel Trends Like Kusha Kapila & Dolly Singh’s ‘This Or That’, Niharika NM’s ‘Buss It’ & Others Which Will Inspire You To Make One RN!(Pic credit – Instagram )

Instagram is a crazy place to be on. You don’t agree with us? Well, then you have not explored this social media platform enough, I would say. The irresistible trends that spread like wildfire definitely get us all tempted to be a part of the trend. Have you ever tried making an Instagram reel? If yes, then we are sure that you would have definitely tried all of these trends. But, if your answer is a big NO! then I bet that you would make one by the end of this article. From Kusha Kapila & Dolly Singh’s ‘This Or That’ challenge to ‘Niharika NM’s’ Buss It challenge, we have a list of IG reels that will get you moving!


I am sure when few crazy people like me dared to watch Kalank even in the theatre; we must have never realised that this chunk is from the title track of the song (at least I did not). Main Tera, Main Tera, Main Tera….(which goes on forever) became such a crazy trend. But, out of so many videos, my favourite is the one with Dolly Singh and Siddharth Batra. The video begins with these two walking towards each other with shy eyes dressed as a bride and groom but ends with a hilarious twist. Have a look.


This challenge has taken over Instagram reels, just like Kangana Ranaut’s tweets have taken over Twitter. I know this was a bad one..hahaha! Anyway, this Buss It challenge is a quirky one where you suddenly sit down in a beat getting all dressed up and keep moving up and down. Well, I am going to cut it here and leave you with Niharicka NM’s video, which is the winner of this challenge in my eyes.


These days, I am afraid of tapping on the IG reels icon, not because of the reasons you are thinking, but because I know that I will only listen to ‘Jugni Ji’ every 2-3 seconds. Happens to you too? Well, then let me tell you that we are addicted to the gram, and maybe we have possibly seen every damn! Jugni video. If you still do not know this trend, watch the reel below featuring Kusha Kapila and Dolly Singh.


Don’t we all miss the South- Delhi girls Kusha and Dolly? Their sassy style, perfect accent and everything cool is something that has always won our hearts. Here is the perfect South-Delhi version of the ‘This or That’ challenge. We bet you would want to make one Instagram reel with your South- Delhi or South-Mumbai BFF too after watching this.

So when are you making your IG reel?

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