Happy Birthday, RM: From being called a Dance Prodigy to the nickname his father gave him


It’s Kim Namjoon, aka RM’s birthday today and the dashing hunk of BTS turns 27 years old (global age). RM is the leader of the most popular boy band BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeodan. He is in charge of keeping the boys in check and is the spokesperson for all their overseas interactions as he is the only one who is fluent in English. On RM’s birthday today, let’s have a dekko at some interesting trivia about his life that, ARMY, you should know. So, without further ado, let’s check it out… Also Read – Happy birthday RM: Here’s why BTS leader Kim Namjoon changed his stage name from Rap Monster to RM

Pre-debut stage names

During his initial days, that is, his pre-debut days, RM went by a lot of names. Some of the names include Largo, The Nexist, and Stealo, however, his most popular name was was Runch Randa. The name was derived from a character in Maple Story. Also Read – RM birthday special: BTS leader’s CEO Namjoon avatar is so HOT that it’ll take your breath away – view pics

Meaning behind RM

When Namjoon debuted as a member of BTS, he took the stage name Rap Monster. It means the one who Raps like a monster. In 2017, he changed it to just RM which currently means Real Me. Explaining the change, RM had said, “Rap Monster was no longer representative of who he was or the music that he creates.” Also Read – BTS’ Fake Love becomes the K-Pop band’s fifth music video to achieve THIS MAJOR milestone

Avid reader

ARMY would know that RM learned English by watching Friends. He is fond of reading and is always spotted with books. He explained his habit of reading is because he wants to keep adding to his vocabulary.

Dance Prodigy

Back when he was a trainee, RM was not that good at dancing. And hence he was labelled as Dance Prodigy. Why? RM had revealed, “I was so bad at dancing that my dance teacher and the company staff called me that.”

Loves to keep a tab on current affairs

RM once explained that he likes to be aware of everything and doesn’t want to take their busy schedules as an excuse to not be aware of what’s happening around the world. “I always check the current affairs and general topics in the news. It’s easy to neglect things happening around the world because of our busy schedules. I don’t like that so I check the news.”

RM’s nickname given by his father

Namjoon’s father calls him Jooni Mini. Isn’t that a cute name?


RM has an IQ of 148. His Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) score was 900 which is the gold level of scores.

Can’t blow a bubblegum

Yes, you read that right. Back in 2018, in an episode of Run BTS, RM had revealed that he never blew a bubble with bubblegum before.

Problematic Men

RM was a part of a Korean variety TV show called Problematic Men. It included a cast of a group of men who were considered to be “men with hot brains” However, he had to leave the show after BTS gained success.


RM started writing songs and rap verses at a very young age. He wrote the lyrics of No More Dream back in his school as he had no dreams when left. He has more than 170 writing and composing credits to his name. RM has also penned lyrics for other bands including GLAM, TXT and more

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