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Arriving on Paramount+ this week, The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder is an all-new series that will be a direct follow-up to the popular animated Nickelodeon television show, The Fairly OddParents. The upoming series will be featured in a combination of both animation and live-action. Fairly Odder will pick up years after the original animated series that will follow Timmy Turner’s cousin, Vivian “Viv” Turner, and her brand-new stepbrother, Roy Raskin. Together they will navigate their lives in Dimmsdale with the help of their new fairly godparents, who were passed down by a now older Timmy Turner.

The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder stars Audrey Grace Marshall as Vivian “Viv” Turner; Tyler Wladis as Roy Raskin; Laura Bell Bundy as Roy’s mom, Rachel Raskin; Ryan-James Hatanaka as Viv’s dad, Ty Turner; Imogen Cohen as their friend, Zina Zacarias; and Garret Clayton as Dustin Lumberlake. Original voice cast Susanne Blakeslee and Daran Norris will reprise their roles to voice the iconic, and still animated, fairly godparents, Wanda and Cosmo respectively. It has recently been revealed that Mary Kate Wiles will star as Vicky, and original voice actor Carlos Alazraqui will return as Mr. Crocker.


The official synopsis for The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder reads as, Ty Turner uproots his life to reunite with his high school sweetheart, Rachel Raskin, in the town of Dimmsdale, thrusting his cautious 13-year-old daughter, Viv, into a new world where she does not fit in. Once there, Viv’s cousin, Timmy, entrusts his fairy godparents, Wanda and Cosmo, to help her adjust by taking her under their wings. Witnessing the fairy transfer take place, Viv’s charismatic new stepbrother, Roy, also inherits them, and the two siblings must take turns making wishes. Together, they learn to overcome the obstacles in their path, all with the help from their new wand-wielding and wish-granting fairy godparents.

On Continuing The Fairly OddParents Legacy


“Wow, it’s it really is an honor.” Audrey Grace Marshall says. “It’s insane to think about it actually that way. It really is. It’s been an amazing experience. And it’s even more exciting that everyone’s gonna see it. I can’t believe it.

Yeah, I mean, I agree with Audrey.” Tyler Wladis adds. “I can’t believe that I got this opportunity. I’m so grateful. And all my brothers and sisters. They love this show. This was their favorite show growing up and to continue this legacy. It’s really an honor.

“I mean, listen that this franchise is so iconic ran for so many years and has so many amazing, incredible people involved. You know, that being part of our show and being part of this reboot in such a unique reboot with the live action mix with the animation is, is so exciting. I can’t wait for for everyone to see it.” Says co-star Ryan-James Hatanaka.

Garret Clayton adds “I love it. Being a fan of all these things and growing up and wanting to be an actor, and then you know, you take a shot moving to Hollywood hoping that you get to live out your dream. And this feels like one of the dreams of the dream jobs. It’s special when you get to be a part of something you’re also a fan of. So I just feel very grateful.”

Daran Norris and Susanne Blakeslee On Returning as Cosmo and Wanda


“It’s like a favorite pair of blue jeans that have gotten to that perfect consistency.” Daran Norris says. “And then instead of them going threadbare, and having to give them away, you get to keep them and then put them on again, six years later, and go, oh, this is a comfy fit. And I’m just so grateful and delighted and amazed, very surprised that we’re doing this again, it’s fantastic.”

“For revisiting this character…I am an old pair of blue jeans, and I am a bit frayed. But Wanda will always be the same.” Adds Susanne Blakeslee.

Daran Norris continues, “I have to say, again, it it was so unexpected. But any time you get to be in the company of Suzanne Blakeslee, and especially if she’s behind a microphone, you’re going to have a great day, not just part of the day, but a great day. It’s so wonderful to work in the company of such talent. I can’t tell you just how much I admire and love that lady. Wow.”

On the Tension Between Vivian and Rachel’s Relationship

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“I think that, you know, Rachel is, is sort of, she’s into herself.” Laura Bell Bundy says. “She’s very, into Ty Turner, she’s very into her son. And Vivian is just not what she would have maybe imagined her daughter to be. Rachel is larger than life. So she cares a lot about the outside appearance of things. And Vivian does it. Vivian is, is sort of more authentic and grounded and, you know, wears her heart on her sleeve and doesn’t really care what she looks like, and Rachel just is like, Oh, my God, let me just fix your hair. You know, and she’s moving at such a fast pace. She wants to bring Vivian into her world. But she also wants to just judge Vivian up right. But you see throughout the course of the series, and in a couple of episodes where they have an opportunity to bond. And even though they don’t necessarily work always in the same way, it’s not that they don’t get along, it’s just that they totally, they function completely differently. And so then trying to come together is always takes a moment of adjustment. We have a really fun episode together called, The Cookie Eater, and you see that Rachel and Vivian, when they have a common goal, and a common enemy, they come together and really kind of love these things about each other. I definitely think their relationship grows and will continue to grow as they both accept each other for who they are.”

The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder will debut all 13 episodes on Paramount+ on Thursday, March 31. All episodes will immediately be available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Nordics, and Latin America.

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