‘Damn!’ Kevin Hart shocked by Don Cheadle’s age in viral clip


Actors Kevin Hart and Don Cheadle came this close to having a genuine heart-to-heart moment on the former’s new Peacock series, “Hart to Heart.”

But leave it to Hart to ruin the moment by putting his foot in his mouth.

In a clip from Hart and Cheadle’s wide-ranging interview that went viral Thursday, Cheadle is thoughtful about the “blessing and the curse of” a demanding job that allows a person to provide for their family.

Released last week, the conversation instantly derails, however, when the Oscar- and Emmy-nominated actor casually mentions his age — and Hart loses his mind.

“We’re very fortunate, obviously, to be able to create these opportunities for ourselves and for our kids and be in a position, for the first time in my family, … to have a shot at whatever this generational wealth thing means,” Cheadle says. “But at the same time … I’m 56 years old —”

“Damn!” Hart interjects, making no attempt to hide his astonishment.

Without missing a beat, Cheadle does what Cheadle does best and goes into serious actor mode, hitting Hart with a withering stare.

“I’m sorry,” Hart says, buckling under the “Black Monday” star‘s stern gaze. “It was a thought, and I blurted it out. I did not mean it that way. … I didn’t mean it the way it came out.”

“We’ll take a poll on how you meant it with people here, later, after the show’s over,” Cheadle says, committing to the bit with mock(?) irritation.

At this point, the discussion has fully shifted from deep meditation on family values to a debate over whether Hart said “Damn!” as in “Damn, I would not have guessed that!” or, “Damn!” as in, “Damn! That’s old!”

“If we could play it back right now, these are two different ‘damns,’” Cheadle quips. “Do you want me to tell you how you said it? Do you want me to say it back to you how you said it?”

Equally amused by Hart’s unchecked outburst and Cheadle’s sharp response, the internet could not get enough of the exchange on Twitter.

“Nah this just killed me cuz this is how I be ruining moments,” wrote @BigMalikMoves in a tweet that has amassed nearly 90,000 likes.

“It’s a good day when my favorite actor @DonCheadle is trending for this hilarity,” tweeted author and podcast host Jemar Tisby. “That stare!”

You can stream Hart and Cheadle’s complete, hour-long chat on NBC’s Peacock.

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