Celebs applaud Jamie Spears’ removal as Britney conservator


Celebrities, fans and Britney Spears herself took to social media today to celebrate a judge’s ruling that, effective immediately, Jamie Spears, embattled father of the pop star, would be suspended as his daughter’s conservator, a position he has held for 13 years.

“[I’m] on cloud 9 right now,” wrote Britney on Instagram, with videos of herself piloting a small airplane for the first time.

Certified public accountant John Zabel, chosen by Britney’s legal team, will serve as temporary conservator for 30 to 45 days, after which her attorney, Mathew S. Rosengart, has requested the termination of the conservatorship in its entirety. The fate of the conservatorship will be determined on Nov. 12.

In the past week, three new documentaries have been released that portray Jamie as self-serving and domineering. One, from FX and Hulu, alleged that his security team planted recording devices in his daughter’s bedroom.

Outside the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, a horde of fans with #FreeBritney signs cheered, embraced and even sang her hit “Toxic” in the streets. Online, a number of celebrities across the entertainment industry voiced their support.

Britney’s fiancé, Sam Asghari, shared a celebratory post on Instagram within minutes of the verdict, followed by a photograph of Britney’s hand holding a pink rose. “Free Britney! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!” he wrote.

Divas of all generations lauded Judge Brenda K. Penny’s decision. “Congratulations, Britney,” wrote Dionne Warwick on Twitter. “Enjoy your life!”

“I’ve talked & [prayed] about this 4 years,” tweeted Cher. “[I’m] more than thrilled 4 her!”

“A Thousand Miles” singer Vanessa Carlton expressed her support for Britney. “I’m so thrilled to see that freedom and hopefully justice is finally coming to this brilliant lady,” she tweeted.

“Let’s not forget that the most important voice in the #FreeBritney movement is Britney’s,” wrote author and famous exoneree Amanda Knox. “They say you don’t really understand freedom until it’s taken from you. That’s true. And when you get it back, it’s all the more precious,” she added.

“So happy to hear Britney Spears is getting what she wants — she deserves happiness and freedom just like the rest of us,” wrote “Bachelorette” host Tayshia Adams.

Fans also sang the praises of Britney’s attorney, referring to him as “RosenDaddy.” In a press conference outside the courthouse, Rosengart addressed her supporters. “Britney is so thankful for all of you,” he said.

“Jamie Spears and others are going to face even more serious ramifications,” he added.

“Stream and buy Britney’s music,” wrote Twitter user @MrPopCharts. “It’s her money now!”

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