Bobby Shmurda Addresses Rumored New Girlfriend


Bobby Shmurda’s love life has become a trending topic.

On Tuesday (April 13), a video surfaced of the Brooklyn rapper cozying up to an unidentified white woman. The woman, who goes by @badgrllilly on TikTok, was seen kissing Bobby on the cheek, calling him “Papa” in the caption. Social media was abuzz as fans started speculating that Bobby had found himself a new boo.

But he later took to Instagram Live to clear up the dating rumors while remaining calm. “They want me to wild the f**k out, but I’m ain’t gone wild the f**k out,” said Bobby, who is on parole until 2026.

While he didn’t approve of her actions, he didn’t see a point in making a big deal out of it. “Even though she did some corny shit, sometimes that’s what people do,” he said. “You let that shit slide, let it ride, let it keep going, bruh. It’s a fu**ing picture or a video or whatever.”

Social media weighed in with their thoughts over the prospect of Bobby dating a white woman, but Bobby wasn’t having it and called for an end to the bashing. “Y’all say all the rumors y’all want, but the bashing shit, that shit ain’t cool, bruh. All the racist shit, that white girl shit. That shit ain’t cool, bruh.”

Bobby, who was released from prison in February after serving six years of his seven-year sentence, remains focused on his music. He was recently in the studio with J Balvin, who teased a “Shlatino Gang” collaboration.

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